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Forex market hours

forex market hours explained by anna coullingHello and welcome to another of my trading and investing sites which this time looks at the forex markets in more detail, and in particular how by analysing the forex market hours of trading, we can develop some forex strategies to take advantage of these unique trading patterns as result. Sadly many traders who begin trading in forex, have little idea of how the forex markets work, other than some vague notion that the forex market is open twenty four hours a day. Whilst this is undoubtedly true, ( other than at weekends of ofcourse), beneath this simple statement, lies a complex relationship between the various trading capitals around the world, and it this aspect of the forex market that I would like to explore and explain on this site, as from this analysis of the forex market hours, we can develop some interesting forex  strategies as a result, which can give us the edge we need in order to be successful.

As someone who trades the forex markets full time, I have spent many years learning how to trade succesfully, and have made all the mistakes along the way – unfortunately it is the quickest way to learn, and provided you survive, can build on these experiences and become a better trader as a result. When I first started in forex currency trading many years ago, I had virtually no strategy to speak of, very little knowledge of how the markets work, and certainly no idea of how forex brokers manipulate prices and trade against your positions every day. It is hard enough to make money in these markets, without the added problems created by your broker, and as a result I have recently developed several new sites which cover these issues in detail which I hope you find useful. You can find all of these sites listed in the sidebar on the left hand side of thge page.

For those of you who follow me regularly, you will already be familiar with my daily market forecasts and analysis, which cover all the major currency pairs as well as several of the cross currencies. These forecasts are based on my own technical analysis of the daily and weekly forex charts, and whilst I am primarily a technical trader, I also keep a close eye on the fundamental news, which creates the framework against which all currency pairs react. In addition I also comment on the broader global economic issues which cause longer term structural changes in currencies, with market sentiment changing as a result. Indeed this has been the case for the euro over the last few months, with the weight of negative sentiment amongst investors, reinforced by the weight of speculative fx traders increasingly building short positions in the futures markets. Finally, if you are a fan of twitter, you can also follow my recent posts there,a and I look forward to welcoming you to my increasingly global readership.

So, let’s start by looking at how the forex markets are structured and how the forex market hours trading sessions give us the opportunity to develop an interesting forex strategy.